Azat Fazlyev

On the Chamber system


The system of CCI has been in existence across the world for 500 years and has proven the importance as an institution for communication, now and then assuming regulatory functions. It is an independent body, in essence founded upon democratic principles:


the members of the Chamber themselves elect the leadership of the CCI and can move to dismiss the director at any time. The CCI really does represent the interests of the business community. This is its main task. Today, the CCI rejects the suggestion that the state must be responsible for all organizational functions. The state cannot be involved in everything, if for no other reason than expenditures of public funds are tightly controlled. We have no such restrictions.

 President of the Republic of Bashkortostan Rustam Khamitov gave us carte blanche to fill the unoccupied niches in the business life of the Republic. The Chamber system allows us to establish affiliated structures, where – as limited liability companies or independent non-commercial organizations – we are able to encompass an entire business line. In the Republic of Bashkortostan, for example, there are not enough structures capable of setting a task for an entire area, or writing a business plan. We got actively involved in this and, in particular, set up a development agency, offering consulting services. The CCI today is a multifaceted guidance system. The CCI RB sees great significance in career training and re-training for companies' personnel. The Chamber has established a new area of activity – personnel skills certification and a department of personnel development, with agreements concluded with the Republic's leading institutes of higher education and the "Cleared for Launch" project and "My First Job" campaign initiated with the purpose of placing university graduates without work experience in jobs.